Maldivian Military raid three Srilankan fishing boats rightfully navigating on the international waters


Three Sri Lankan fishing boats have been seized by Maldivian Military Forces, even though fishing boats were rightfully navigating on international waters.

Also reported that,Fishermen were brutally attacked by Maldivian Military, damaging fishing boats and GSP equipment in order to destroy evidence.

Further during this incident Mother Mary’s photos and Holy Cross were thrown out of the boat  by Maldivian Military

The vessels are currently under the custody of MNDF’s Coast Guard ship, Ghazi. MNDF did not give any further information regarding the vessels.

Srilankan vessels fishing in International waters  closer to Maldives attack and arrest  time to time.  This is a violation of the international maritime law thus typical anti Sri Lankan move

In this juncture Maldives authority have a duty to arrange safe passage on Srilankan fishermen and ensure compensation for their losses

It is worth to note 52000 Maldivians are living in Sri Lanka without proper immigration status.More above they receive free education, health and many more welfare benefits by local tax payers money. Facts being so Sri Lanka Government take necessary action on Maldivian Government, such as

1.Impose visa restriction

2.Carry out search operations on Maldivians

3.Arrest all the Maldivian vessels fishing in the International water close by Srilanka

4.Impose restriction on welfare benefits