Harsh response from China to Sri Lanka – Yuan Wang 5′ incident is not over!


Yuan Wang 5′ Chinese ship arrived at Hambantota port today, August 16, 2022.

The Sri Lankan government initially allowed the Chinese ship and later somersaulted from the early decision. There were reports, that a politician very close to President Ranil demanded bribes from the Chinese ship. Said reports mentioned, He had asked bribe saying that he could approve the Chinese ship to Hambantota port.

In this situation, two political groups in Sri Lanka appeared in favor of the Chinese ship.

  • Wimal,Wasu,Rathana team (The Anti-Basil Squad )
  • JVP

No one of JVP attended the welcome ceremony given to the Chinese ship. Vasudeva, Wimal and Ven. Ratana went to Hambantota port to welcome the ship. Sarath Weerasekera went as the President’s representative.

It is worthy to note, that from the beginning itself SLGOV mishandled the Chinese ship. China was embarrassed because of the wrong actions taken by the Sri Lankan government. Today there was a sign that China is responding to the prejudice that they faced.

Today there was a special ceremony to welcome the Chinese ship. A representative of the President also participated in that ceremony. Sarath Weerasekara is the one who represented the president.

When a President representative attends such a ceremony, it is a common tradition to escort them on board. Further, a guard of honor too given on the ship.

Oh, what a tragedy! The captain of the Chinese ship denied shaking hands with retired Admiral Sarath Weeraseka who went to receive the Chinese ship as the President’s representative.

There is a saying, that we will ultimately reap what we sow.

Today it was evident China responded appropriately to Sri Lanka, as SLGov caused great prejudice

Postscript – China has stated that the Sri Lankan VIPs were not taken on board as per quarantine rules. But the evidence available that it is not true