Today, Prophet Jerome plays the role that Abdul Razik played then !


The Divide And Rule otherwise Divide and conquer Principle is one of the most used tactic in geopolitics.Mahinda Rajapakse used this theory and achieved very successful results.

Mahinda initially creates internal conflicts in the rival camp. Then the opponent is divided into two sides. Mahinda, By using aforesaid tactic old leftists, JVP, SLFP, UNP, TNA divided very successfully.

Mahinda created a conflict among the Sinhalese people in the context of Upcountry & low country ,also  created conflicts based on caste. He created internal conflicts in the army and the judiciary. Even He made one against another in his own party.

Because of Gota’s actions, the traditional Muslims separated from the Rajapaksas. Then Mahinda formed Tawheed Jamaat and divided the Muslim camp. Now the Muslim society is divided into several sections.

The Easter attack was a planned attack by the neighboring country’s intelligence agencies and a group of power-hungry politicians in this country. The Saharan gang is only a group of people hired for that purpose.

The Catholic people were deeply unhappy with the Rajapaksas because of the Easter attack and the brutal deception.

During the 2022 struggle, the most resistance against the Rajapaksa came from the Catholic and Christian communities.

Mahinda has now applied the “Divide and conquer theory” to Catholic and Christian society. According to intelligence reports, 600 people are switching to Prophet Jerome’s cult  every week. Their composition and details as follows.

Traditional Churches including Catholic – 74%
Hindus 11 %
Buddhist 14%
Muslim 1%

At present, the most critical criticism against Prophet Jerome come  from the Catholic Church. In response, Jerome’s followers are striking back at the Catholic Church.

Today Propet Jerem is doing the role played by Abdul Razik then. Rasik’s godfathers were Mahinda and Gotabaya. The Rajapaksas gave the land to build SLTJ otherwise Saharan’s ancestral house. it is worth to note , The support given to the Miracle Dome by the Rajapaksa is also not small.