The disapproval of the Yuan Wang 5 is a Trojan horse.


The Chinese ship named ‘Yuan Wang 5’ was scheduled to arrive in Sri Lanka on August 11. Although the Sri Lankan government had initially agreed to accept the ship, it has now informed China to postpone the voyage. it is worthy to note, that such a move is because of India’s intervention.

In such a scenario, China does not sit as a mute spectator, China has reacted seriously to the dual stand of the Sri Lankan government.

The loan of 51 million US dollars agreed to be given for the construction of the Central Expressway has been suspended by China. As a result, 2500 citizens of this country have lost their jobs.

In the first quarter of this year, China offered a swap facility of $1.5 billion. China is able to request a deficit of Rs. 285 as an adjustment related to the transaction. As of now, Bangladeshis have claimed that adjustment. Learned China preparing to claim it.

Sri Lanka has now requested an IMF loan. The IMF has ruled conditions for loan approval.  Rule Number one, Chinese debt must be restructured. The  Chinese ship incident severely disrupted the debt restructuring.

Due to non-adherence to the IMF conditions and a no-show in the restructuring process, there is a situation, where Sri Lanka is losing other aid too.  570 million USD  which was supposed to be provided by  JICA  (Japan International Cooperation Agency)  for the construction of Terminal 2 at Katunayake Airport has been suspended.

The 49th session of the UNHRC was held in March 2022. The resolution 46/1 was debated there. 46/1 is a resolution authorizing the UNHRC to collect evidence of human rights violations during the civil war in Sri Lanka.

A group of representatives including G.L Peiris and Ali Sabri participated in that session. There, SLFM  Peiris was completely opposed to the evidence collection. He pointed out that such a move is nothing but a felonious assault on the foundation principles of the UN.

SLFM Peiris said that the government has a huge mandate. Now all the stories that  SLFM Peiris said then are false. The president of the country has also fled the country in the face of a people’s uprising.

After GL Peiris’s speech, the UNHRC Commissioner also gave a long speech. Following these speeches, 31 of the 45 countries that participated in this interactive dialogue expressed their support for Sri Lanka.

In favor of Sri Lanka were Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Philippines, Nepal, Kenya, Ethiopia, Maldives, China, Cuba, Japan, Syrian Arab Republic, Vietnam, Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea, Venezuela, Nigeria, Pakistan, Cambodia, Russian Republic, Lebanon, Uganda, Belarus, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, South Sudan, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Yemen, Iran, Niger, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, and Azerbaijan.

It is worthy to note, That  all these countries except Japan are pro-Chinese

If the friendship with China is shattered based on Yuan Wang 5 incident, the countries in the Chinese camp will not support  Sri Lanka.

In the next session, a resolution called ” Accountability in Sri Lanka” is scheduled to bring by Britain.  If the support of the Chinese camp is lost, the resolution against Sri Lanka will be passed at the top.

Then it can be submitted to the UN Security Council to obtain international jurisdiction for the UNHRC project. In a situation where  China and Russia have the veto power and are unhappy with Sri Lanka, the UN Security Council’s approval of the relevant proposal will definitely happen.

The Sri Lankan intelligence agencies did not know about the conspiracy until Gotabhaya was ousted. Now what is happening next is the plot to use the UN jurisdiction against Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, Sri Lankan intelligence agencies keep their eyes closed and hands are tied behind the back. Sri Lanka’s intelligence agencies are a group of institutions in name only

From the Chinese angle reversing Yuan Wang 5 ship is, something like reversing the whole project  Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

The disapproval of the  Yuan Wang 5  is a Trojan horse. When the Chinese ship forcibly entered Sri Lanka, it should be remembered that those who talk about the sovereignty of the country are Satans guise of Doctors.