Is the central bank governor a traitor? ‘Uttara Sabhagaya’ , questions


MP Wimal Weerawansa mentioned that the current central bank governor is someone who receives a pension from IMF and  salary from SL Government,  it is a conflict of interest. Wimal mentioned that it is a question that needs to be resolved whether Nandalal is working for the salary received from the IMF or otherwise for the salary received as the Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

He also revealed that the IMF is pressuring the Governor of the Central Bank  and the Secretary of the Ministry of Finance not to be changed.Wimal Weerawansa revealed that the American ambassador has also informed the Sri Lankan government not to change the Governor of the Central Bank and the Secretary of the Ministry of Finance.

Sajith Premadasa’s speech in Parliament revealed that the central bank governor is an Australian citizen.Ajith Nandalal is a disciple of Indrajith Coomaraswamy, and Indrajith has a very close connection with India.

In the global world, it is a good thing for a high official of the government to be in contact with different countries. But Sri Lanka should gain some advantage through thier  international contacts .If Nandalal acts as a mercenary in foreign countries, great destruction will be caused to the motherland

So far  Sri Lanka has not benefited from their  international contacts  but the advantages gained by foreign countries such as India and USA  are many.