Gota landed in Sri Lanka, with the body language of an offender


Former President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, who fled the country in fear of the Galle face rebels, returned to Sri Lanka early this morning. A group of SLPP MPs had gone to the airport to welcome him.  SLPP MP who went there told us, other than the famous smile of him Gota was confined to mum. Especially political topics were not discussed

A bunch of photos related to  Gota’s arrival has now gone viral. It was evident, that even Gota did not have eye contact with anyone. The MP who gave us the information said that Gota did not talk about future events.

An SLPP MP who did not go to the airport shared his views with us about Gota’s arrival. He said that today we are in a period where a unique social and political evolution is taking place as in the story of Gamperaliya. Further, He said that the collapse of the elite social system and the rise of a new social system are happening now and it cannot be prevented.

Rajapakse brothers were too present at the airport to welcome Gota. Their efforts to save the family politics which were deteriorating day by day were very clear, the MP said.

When  Rajapakse’s politics fade with the current crisis, Dallas and Wimal are preparing to turn a new page in Sri Lankan politics. Dulles recently crossed over and seated in the opposition, Vimal has begun to unite the independent parties and build a new political force.

Wimal’s new political movement Grand Conference is scheduled to be held tomorrow at Maharagama Youth center. It has been named, Supreme Political Coalition.

Gota’s facebook with 10 lakh followers has been inactive since July 13. The response to Gota’s last press release is Haha 9.2 K, Angry Mood 2.2 K, Likes 1.9 K. It is a mirror of Gota’s future.