Watch and judge the behavior of the cold-blooded rogue – reject him !


The wastage of fruits and vegetables in Sri Lanka is very high and it is around 43% from the production.

Nevertheless, By introducing proper methods to preserve vegetables and fruits, wastage can be reduced and a sustainable solution can be given to the dramatic ups and downs of market prices.

As a solution, the UNP government planned to build an cold storage network. Accordingly, on April 1, 2019, the construction of the first cold store started in Dambulla. The project was to be completed on October 10, 2019. Harsha de Silva was the minister in charge of this project.

India gave a non-repayable grant of 300 million rupees for the construction of the cold storage complex and the UNP government had given the remaining amount of 225 million rupees required for the project. This has been stated by Harsha DE Silva himself.

But Harsha de Silva failed to complete this project on time. That is, Harshada Silva is primarily responsible for the national crime of delaying the cold storage project.

Harsha de Silva is a cold-blooded rogue. If there is a success, he tries to show that he did it, and the failure hangs on the shoulders of others.

Last week, Harshada Silva visited the cold storage complex in Dambulla. Watch and judge how Harsha acts in front of the cameras.

Further, several phone calls were made to Harsha to inquire in this regard, but he did not respond. At least he did not respond to a WhatsApp message