Enemy elites chosen traitor Nandalal as common candidate , here is the evidence!


With that revelation, a person working as an Indian proxy and who is close to Ranil immediately alarmed him. He warns Ranil about Ashu’s statement.

Accordingly Ranil  acted immediately,He informed Ashu to withdraw the relevant statement unconditionally. Subsequently, Ashu called an ITN camera crew to the house and said that the statement about Central Bank Governor Nandalal was baseless and false.

However, NationalAlert has evidence that Ashu Marasinghe’s statement that Nandalal is preparing to become the common candidate is true. Moreover, there is also evidence that the program is sponsoring by the Indian intelligence service.

1. Currently, India is in a position of not supporting any of the three politicians namely Mahinda, Ranil and Sajith. Nandalal Weerasinghe is the only person they trust. Making Nandallal the common candidate is a nothing but plan of the RAW Intelligence.

2. Samanth Kumar Gole, the head of the RAW , came to Sri Lanka recently. He engaged deep discussions with Mahinda and Ranil about the future politics of Sri Lanka. Both Wickramasinghe and Rajapaksa, who have half a century of political experience, did not care Indian demands tabled by the RAW chief.

3. In the past, Shavendra Silva made secret deals with India with the aim of becoming the common candidate. At that time, Shavendra got the support of India. That time is now over. But Shavendra is not aware of the latest situation. Shavendra tried to meet RAW chief after he came to Sri Lanka. But this time Indian agent  did not count Shawendra for a penny. Because Shavendra’s place has been filled by Nandalal Weerasinghe.

5. As The National Alert stated earlier, Sri Lanka’s bankruptcy declaration is a geopolitical conspiracy. Nandalal comes to the stage in between said conspiracy. The main characters behind that conspiracy are as follows.

Shaym Saran– Former Foreign Secretary of India.

Dr. Faris Hadad Zervos – He was the American ambassador in Baghdad when the US invaded Iraq.

Shivshankar Menon– Former Foreign Secretary and National Security Advisor of India.

Indhrajit Kumaraswamy– Former Central Bank Governor of Sri Lanka. A person who has a very close relationship with India. It was he who recommended Nandalal Weerasinghe for the post of Central Bank Governor

Asoka Milinda Moragoda & Pathfinder Foundation – He is the agent who implements the Indo-American agenda in the region under the guise of creating a balance of power with China.

Presidential Advisory Group on Multilateral Engagement and Debt Sustainability– This is a committee appointed by President Gotabaya on the advice of India. Indrajith Kumaraswamy, Shantha Devarajan and Shyamini coory were its members. There was not a single Sinhalese in the committee except Crypto Christians and a Tamils. On April 12, 2022, Nandalal Weerasinghe declared that Sri Lanka could not pay the debt as per the instructions given by the above committee. Because of that statement, a huge economic and political destruction happened to Sri Lanka. There is no mistake in calling it the biggest tragedy in Sri Lanka in known history.

6. Recently, not only RAW chief  but a group of high-ranking representatives of NIA also visited Sri Lanka. They stayed in this country for a week. Their first official meeting was with Suresh Saleh, the Sri Lanka’s intelligence chief. The Indian representatives were very worried about the way Suresh Saleh behaved  and afterward happenings . In short, now India is tired of Rajapaksa and Wickramasingha.

7. Currently, Harshada Silva has been unofficially censored in the party. The censorship was imposed by Sajith Premadasa. The reason is that Harsha is dealing with Indian representatives to becoming the next Common candidate or prime ministerial candidate.

8. The geopolitical operation associated with Nandalal Weerasinghe is an open secret. But neither the Rajapaksa nor the Wickramasinghes can remove Nandalal because the Indo-American camp is pressuring them not to remove Nandalal.

9. Months before Sunday Times published an article entitled “New revelations over SL foreign debt default” and constructively criticized Nandalal Weerasinghe. In response, Nandalal threatened Sundaytimes editor Sinha Ratnatunga and business times editor Bandula Sirimanna.

10. By now Nandalal’s image building has been handed over to a Indian PR company. Local day today media operation has been handed over to a few journalists in this country. Moreover, the parties who criticize Nandalal have been attacks  with heavy weapons now.

11. In the early days, JVP had a policy of protecting Nandalal Weerasinghe. But now JVP is severely criticizing Nandalal. The reason is Nandalal’s political arrival.

12. The Center for Alternative Policy is an agent of the Indo-American camp. The Center for Alternative Policy recently revealed that Nandalal is the person most trusted by the people of this country in terms of building the country.